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    Branding a Sub-Domain

    In This Article:

      Your public facing Salsa pages are stored on Salsa servers with URLs that reflect Salsa's domains.  Many times our client would rather that Salsa pages have a URL that shows their domain and not Salsa's.  That means that a Salsa URL for, say, "", would look like this:

      You can do that by assigning a CNAME to Salsa.  A CNAME is an alias on your domain that points to Salsa.  Folks that click a URL with the CNAME in it will end up on Salsa.  Here are some steps that you can use.

      1. Get a CNAME

      To create a subdomain, you'll need to create a CNAME through your domain settings (please contact your domain registrar for help with this) and point it to your base Salsa domain.

      Your Salsa domain will look something like:


      If you are unsure of your Salsa domain, view a donation page.  The Salsa domain can be found in the browser's address bar:


      This is the domain that you will use when setting up your CNAME record in your domain settings. Domain settings are set through your Domain Registrar, not through the Salsa HQ.

      For example, you might have a CNAME that's set up with pointing to

      2. Set a Base URL

      Once you have identified your Salsa domain and set your custom CNAME through your DNS settings, you can update your Account Settings in your Salsa headquarters. This will update Salsa's database and ensure that your "View Page" links load with your new base url instead of the Salsa default.

      Add your new CNAME (URL) to the "Base URL" field. See image below for location of the base URL field: 


      The base URL will be used instead of Salsa's hostname for any pages that do not collect money. For example, your preview links through Salsa's headquarters will be updated and will look something like this:

      instead of this:

      Please note that a base URL that contains 'http://' is not used for donation pages and events that collect fees.  Those pages must be secure and the standard Base URL is not.  See "Secure Base URL" (below) If you'd like the basename to be used with donation pages.

      3. Notify Salsa Labs

      Once you've set things up on your end, you'll want to notify our support team via email so that we can make sure the base URL is recognized from our end. You can contact us directly at support (at) 

      Branding a secure Sub-Domain

      As we noted earlier, a standard Base URL starts with 'http://'. A URL like that does not support a secure connection. That means that donation pages and events that accept fees can't be used with the standard Base URL. In order to allow donation pages to use the Base URL, Salsa will need to have SSL certificates for the Base URL.  Once those are installed, then you can use 'https://' with your base URL.

      Here's the process that we'll use to make that happen.

      1. Send a request to  Let us know that you'd like to secure your Base URL.
      2. You will reply with an email address for Salsa's operations team to use to get in touch.  The email address will be for the person that can issue SSL certificates.  Usually, that's a IT person in your organization, or someone employed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), or a domain name manager. You should tell that person that they will receive a request for SSL certificates from Salsalabs.
      3. Salsa's operations team will send a request via email.  The request is a single encrypted file that is an official request for the SSL certificates for your CNAME.
      4. The domain name manager will reply with a single file that contains a SSL certificate and a private key. 
      5. Salsa operations will install the certificates.
      6. We'll notify you that the Base URL is secure.
      7. Use the steps in "Set a Base URL" (above) to install the secure sub-domain in your Salsa HQ.


      It is possible to have multiple CNAMEs in your domain that point to Salsa. Only one of them will be actively visible in your headquarters at any given time, and that's the one that appears in the Base URL configuration.

      if you need to use multiple subdomains, you may have to manually change urls that should be displayed in your "secondary" subdomain. Contact Salsa support for more information if you're in this unusual category.



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