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    Account Wide Settings

    In This Article:

      This is the place in Salsa to configure settings that impact the organization's settings, including domain configurations, HTML Editor preferences, and configuring third party plugins.

      Use the little "Gear" icon at the top of the new Salsa interface. See the screenshot below. (If you do not have Super Admin permissions, you will not see this Account link.)

       Salsa 2 Interface


      Organization Information

      This information not used on any live pages and serves mostly to identify your organization in our database records. 

      Name: Your organization's name
      Description: A description of your organization

      Token Authentication

      This checkbox allows you to disable the token authentication from your email blasts and is most frequently recommended when members want to turn off the auto-remembering from email blasts unless the user is logged in. So, if Salsa supporter X passes a page link on to Supporter Y that they received via email, Supporter Y won't be "remembered" as Supporter X.

      Default Merchant Account

      If you have set up your own merchant account(s), you can set one as your account's default so that your donation page workflows will default to your designated merchant account.

      Domain Configuration

      Do not edit this field unless you're absolutely certain you know what you're doing. Misconfigured base urls will break preview links for your Salsa pages.

      Only those who have worked with Salsa staff to set up a base url should use this field. Once your base url has been set up properly, you can paste the full url (including the http:// and the ending slash) into the base url field.

      Note that in most cases base urls can not be applied to secure urls, such as donation, storefront or event fee pages. These types of pages use security certificates and will appear as non-secure if a base url is applied to the page.

      Changing nameservers

      In specific instances, you will need to change your domain's nameserver settings to point the domain at Salsa's servers. If you have questions about the need for the process, or the process itself, please email Salsa Support (support @

      First, login to your site's DNS manager and point your nameservers to Salsa's addresses:


      With most DNS managers, this is a very straightforward procedure. As soon as you've made the change, contact Salsa Support (support @, where any necessary changes on Salsa's end will be made. Once the systems are updated, the changes will propagate within minutes in most cases (but longer delays are possible - up to 48 hours).

      NOTE: If you are using a separate webmail system such as Google Apps, please notify Support to ensure that your email continues to function.

      Email notifications

      For larger and widely distributed or chapter-based organizations, you may want to receive a copy of every email blast that is sent.

      Blast Notification Email: Add email addresses here, comma delimited, of those who want to receive a copy of every email sent.

      HTML Editor and Chapter information

      No WYSIWYG: The HTML WYSIWYG editor lets you edit pages as it will look like, rather than using straight HTML. Check this box if you do not want a WYSIWYG editor enabled in you account. You will have to enter straight HTML to customize your emails and web pages.  This will only affect your personal account - other administrators and campaign managers will still have access to the WYSIWYG editor.

      Show Chapter: Show chapter KEY information in organization lists. This will add a chapter KEY column in listings of supporter, events, etc.


      Third Party Information

      There are a variety of third party plugins that are used throughout Salsa, Google Maps being one example. While most groups may not use these, if instructed to, configure these plugins here.

      (Note: Google maps API keys will very rarely be required; in general, this feature should work "out-of-the-box" for new Salsa accounts. Contact support if you believe this is not the case for your account.)

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      • I'm wondering about the Third Party Information section here.

        There are some default "Types" listed for adding external APIs: Google, Yahoo, Salesforce and AMP. Does this mean that it's an easy process for us to connect our accounts with those services (Salesforce in my case) with Salsa? Or is there the same level of coding needed for this as would generally be the case?


      • Hi Coby,

        Salsa is currently working on a Salesforce integration, and if you'd like more information on that let us know over on our sign-up page!


      • Thanks Ashley! Re: the Salesforce Sync -- do you know if Salsa event data will be synced to Salesforce? In other words, will we be able to tell (within Salesforce) which events a particular supporter has attended?



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