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    Interactive trainings for new users

    In This Article:


      We're ready to guide you through the first big milestones of becoming a Salsa user. These interactive trainings will walk you through everything you need to get up to speed with Salsa.

      There are three trainings which can be taken in order or separately. Generally the trainings start with Supporter Management, moving into Donations, and finishing with Email Blasts. Each will take between 15-30 minutes to complete, so make sure you've set aside some time to focus on finishing! If you have to leave, take note of which slide you left off on by grabbing the slider with your mouse in the training window, as seen below: 

      The Training Lessons

      Supporter Management - Original interface || Salsa 2 interface 
      Donations - Original interface || Salsa 2 interface 
      Email Blasts - Original interface || Salsa 2 interface

      Problems? Questions? Suggestions?

      Email the Training & Learning team - training @

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      • In the Original Interface you need to change the verbiage in the actually Salsa screen on imports.  It still says use a comma delimited file which can cause one much trouble!

        Barbara  SUPGV

      • This is great, Jake!  Is this what you mean by the "new user certification"?  Or is that something else.  I'm in charge of training new staff members and would love as many resources as possible.


      • Hi Monica,

        Yes, this is for new users! We no longer offer the certification aspect, but these are the same trainings they are based on. Hope it helps!

      • Jake: Let's say the email blast is an e-newsletter with spaces for photos...where can I find training on how to insert new photos. When I tried to do it with the templates created for us, the photo (though it is saved with the exact same pixel dimensions noted in the template) would not come out properly. There must be some trick to this, but I can't find this in any training. Please help.  -Judi, Health Access



      • Hi Judi,

        Check out the Formatting Files for Email section of our image upload documentation for some details.

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