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    How to share or publish your Salsa page with supporters

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      "Now that I've created this event/action/donation/signup page, how do I share it with our supporters?" This is perhaps the most common question when new users are learning Salsa.

      Once you've finished setting up your page, here's how to obtain the URL of the page and share it.

      How to get there 

      Every page in Salsa has the same publishing process - it doesn't matter whether we're talking about a donation page, a sign up page, a petition, or an event. It's all the same!

      Step 1

      When editing the page, click the Show Publishing Tools box


      Step 2

      Click the View Page link within the Publishing Tools box:


      Step 3  

      A new window/tab will open containing your new page. There is no publish button - this page is already "published."  To share it with your supporters, simply copy the URL from the address bar and share the link.  



      Sharing Your Page

      Here are a few options for sharing your published Salsa page:

        • Email supporters a direct link to the URL


        • Create a house ad on your website which links to this page (NOTE: This is not something you do in Salsa - you'll create house ads in your own website and simply link them to a Salsa page)



        • Create navigation on your website which links to this page (NOTE: This is not something you do in Salsa - you'll modify the navigation in your own website and simply direct users to a Salsa page)


      Additional Tips

      • Supporters won't find the page until you're ready for them to find it.  As soon as you save the first step of a page setup, the View Page URL will be created and available for your page. Although the published "View Page" URL has already been created, your supporters won't stumble across the page unless you actively share the URL. 
      • Don't forget to try out the Short URL feature (where available) - this will allow you to create a more human-readable URL. 
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