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    Free webinars for new users

    In This Article:

      If you're new to Salsa, training for new users is just what you need to set you on the path to success.  Salsa offers regular training webinars for new users so there's always a convenient time just around the corner.  New user webinars include a presentation of relevant features, as well as an opportunity to ask relevant questions of Salsa staff.  These training sessions are offered in two parts:


      Salsa New User Training - Part 1

      By the conclusion of the training, you'll be able to:

      • Log into your Salsa account
      • Effectively navigate through the Salsa HQ
      • Create a new supporter
      • Create a new group of supporters
      • Create a sign-up page
      • Evaluate a sign-up page
      • Create an email blast
      • Evaluate an email blast
      • Create a support ticket and access Salsa Commons

      Salsa New User Training - Part 2

      By the conclusion of the training, you'll be able to:

      • Create a donation page
      • Evaluate a donation page
      • Manage donations
      • Define the four types of advocacy actions which can be taken in Salsa
      • Create a targeted action
      • Evaluate the performance of a targeted action


      Find a date and time that works for you.


      Missed a webinar?

      We always encourage participation in the live versions of the webinars, so that you have the opportunity to benefit from others' questions and ask your own. But we know that you have busy schedules or perhaps new staff who you want to get up to speed quickly. We're offering recorded versions of the New User Training webinars, so that you can view them when it's most convenient for you!

      Click here to view the "Salsa New User Training - Part 1" recording.

      Click here to view the "Salsa New User Training - Part 2" recording.

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      • Are we able to access a recording of these trainings, or do we have to view them live? We are switching to Salsa, but we have a few staff people who aren't able to attend the sessions that are offered. We'd rather not have to make them wait another month for the next webinar session so that we can begin using Salsa ASAP.

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