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    What does an action letter look like?

    In This Article:

      You've written your action letter content, you've selected your targets, and your supporters are taking action - but what does the actual letter look like when it arrives in your targets' inbox?

      There are three main parts:

      1. The target's title and name. In the case of a House representative, this will show up as Rep. Nancy Pelosi.
      2. The letter content. This will be sent exactly as it has been written in the Content tab of your action page workflow. If you have enabled editing of the letter, Salsa will send the supporter's version of the content instead.
      3. The supporter information. Whichever fields you required the supporter to fill out to complete the action will be appended at the end of the letter.
      Put the three together and an example letter would look like this:
      Sen. Harry Reid
      I am an American citizen. I am a taxpayer. I am a blimp owner.
      S.8148, also known as the DIAL Act, would impose heavy licensing fees on blimp owners, as well as strict regulations that would unfairly increase the cost of blimp ownership and operation. If the DIAL Act passes, only large corporations could afford to operate blimps, squeezing out recreational owners as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs.
      This is a time for Congress to support job creation and investment in American communities. The DIAL Act will not support these goals, and will only reward large corporate interests. I urge the members of the Senate Committee on Housing, Transportation and Community to halt the progress of the DIAL Act and keep it from being introduced before the Senate.
      John Smith
      7800 Shoal Creek
      Austin, TX 78757
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