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    Cancelling recurring donations

    In This Article:

      Canceling recurring donations must go through your merchant gateway.

      Identify the gateway processor

      Through your Donations tab in your Salsa headquarters, select the Recurring Donors menu option to list your recurring donors. You can use the filters on this list or simply look over the list to find the specific recurring donation record that needs to be cancelled.

      Click on the Details link in the list to view your specific record.

      The Merchant Gateway field should be populated with the name of the gateway through which this transaction was processed. You'll need to contact your gateway provider directly for assistance with canceling the record.

      Request a cancellation

      Recurring donations need to be cancelled directly through their respective gateway processor to ensure that the recurring processing is fully disabled. There are a few key fields that will help them most efficiently cancel the record:

      • Your supporter's full name
      • The amount of the recurring record
      • The original transaction date of the recurring record
      • The Profile ID value

      All of these details can be found through the specific recurring donation record in your Salsa headquarters. The Profile ID value in particular helps to ensure that the correct transaction is cancelled, in case your donor happens to have more than one recurring donation record.

      Change a recurring donation's amount or account number

      Some donors occasionally ask to update their credit card information or amount value for their recurring donation. This also needs to be handled through the respective gateway processor initially, providing the same information as above. Do not email us your donor's credit card information. We strongly recommend relaying credit card numbers over the phone as needed. Once you confirm with your gateway what is possible for updating the recurring record, you can contact support at to get assistance with updating the corresponding data through your Salsa headquarters.

      Different data changes are handled differently depending on your gateway processor, so in some cases, the easiest route is to cancel the original recurring transaction and then submit a new record with the new information for your supporter.

      Status settings through your Salsa HQ

      Each recurring donation record has a handful of editable fields as shown here:


      Salsa users often ask about updating their recurring records to reflect that the transaction is no longer active. We usually recommend that you change the status value to Inactive, but it is very (very very very) important that you only change the Status setting on your recurring record through the Salsa interface after you confirm that the recurring record is cancelled on the gateway processor.


      The "Inactive" status through the Salsa headquarters is for your recording purposes only. If you mark a recurring donation as "Inactive" without actually canceling the corresponding recurring record through the gateway processor, it can cause problems with the database synchronization of the specific recurring record between your gateway processor and Salsa's database.

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      • Under what conditions should transactions be marked with other statuses? And to what effect? We found that marking a recurring transaction as "Inactive" caused the donor's record to be repopulated with failed transactions that we had cleared out. Any way other than marking those as "failed" to delete forever the failed transactions?

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      • After cancelling (deactivating) the transaction at the gateway processor ( payflowpro) we set the status to inactive on the "recurring donation configuration" page.

        However, after re-running the  "donations and stores tab, report, built in reports, failed recurring donations" report, the failed transactions continue to appear.

        We need a report that just shows the "active" recurring donations that are and will continue to occur so that we can followup with the donor.

        Where is that report? Maybe name it "FAILING recurring donations" in contrast to "FAILED recurring donations" can you get me that report?

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