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    Donation Errors

    In This Article:

      When donation errors are encountered by you or your donors, you'll need to find out what the error means - 95% of the time, the error is due to your merchant gateway setup, or an entry error from your supporters.

      First, track down the RESULT value. Start on the Donation Details page for an individual donation, and click the See private donation summary link:



      Then, find the RESULT field and take note of the number provided:



      Use that number to find the error, as provided by your merchant gateway documentation. Links to the corresponding documentation or contact information for each merchant gateway is below:

      • Democracy Engine - please contact DE directly -
        • Note: RESULT of -2 indicates a rare interruption of the Salsa-Democracy Engine bridge during the donation processing. If you see this result, you may have a successful donation (in DE) which Salsa has recorded as failed: check your Democracy Engine terminal to confirm the donation's status, then contact Salsa support.
      • Payflow Pro
      • YourPay / Linkpoint - please contact directly at 1-800-285-60791-800-285-6079.
      • Website Payment Pro (page 74)


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