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    Adding a drop-down list of designation options to Salsa donation pages

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      When to use it

      Salsa's donation pages have a built-in Designation Code option.  Checking this checkbox will insert an open-ended text box allowing donors to write in a designation for their donation. If you'd like to customize this checkbox, read on.

      Before you begin

      Begin by making sure that there is not already a Designation Code being gathered by your donation page.  If this box is checked in the Options tab, then uncheck it and save the donation page:




      Use these steps to add a drop-down of Designation Code values to your donation page:

      1. Edit the donation page
      2. Click on the Optional Text tab
      3. Locate the Pre-Donation Text field
      4. Click the Source button in the Richtext editor (in order to edit the HTML code directly)source.png
      5. Copy this text:


      1. Paste the text into the Pre-Donation Text field. If you don't want it to be required remove name="required"  and <span class="required">*</span> from the text.
      2. If you would like the designation code to be a required field, then copy this text and paste it after the other text:
      <input name="hidden" type="hidden" value="Designation_Code" /&gt>
      1. Modify the pasted text if desired


      1. Save the donation page
      2. Test!

      Seeing the Results

      When a donor donates, the Designation Code value will be saved in the donation record here:


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      • This was very helpful.

        What about if you just want to give them a write in option. Is that doable?

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      • Hi Tara,

        To provide a simple write-in option, when setting up a donation page and configuring the Options tab, just check the "Include Designation Code" box. That leaves a blank field instead of the 'select an option' drop-down explained here. The documentation here has been further clarified to bring more attention to that built-in option.

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      • Is there any way to view the donations in a report ordered and separated by each separate designation code?

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      • Also is there a way to require those donating to put select a designation code before they process the donation? Thanks in advance

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      • Hi Matthew,

        If you're comfortable with Custom Reports, then you'll create a report with these settings on the Properties tab:

        Then on the Columns tab, copy these settings, which will show you the total amount of donations for each designation code:

        You can change the Sort By tab to sort the designation codes alphabetically, or the total amounts. 

        Regarding making the designation code required - in the same code in your "Pre-Donation Text" box, put this code before the <select> tag:

        <input type="hidden" name="required" value="Designation\_Code" />

        Then you'll also edit the code to insert a 'required' asterisk, so your line will look like:

        <label for="designation-code">Designate my contribution for this campaign: <span class="required">*</span></label>

        Please note, for the required text above, you'll also need to add a 'blank' line which doesn't carry a value, otherwise one of the existing options will be chosen by default. That blank line should be at the top of thelist, and should look something like this (you can change the text, but please keep value="" blank/empty):

        <option value="">Select a campaign</option>

        Based on your questions, Matthew, I'm updating some of the code at the top of this page, so please be sure to re-copy the code in a few.

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      • Jake

        Thank you very much for your assistance that does help answer my questions. With the reports that I would be generating is there a way to have the names of each individual donor listed from those separate Designation groups?

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      • Matthew - 

        Let's take this conversation offline, since talking about Custom Reports can lead down many rabbit holes. Please email and I can share more information.

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