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      Are Salsa donation pages secure? A supporter is telling me that the page doesn't look secure.
      How are transactions refunded?
      Can I issue a partial (not full) refund?
      How do we guard against spam transactions?
      Can I brand or control the URL of the donation page?
      How can I create a donation receipt that goes to the donor and/or staff?
      I have met my daily transaction limit, what does this mean?

      Is there a way to use Google Adwords for tracking donation conversions?

      Are Salsa donation pages secure? A supporter is telling me that the page doesn't look secure

      If you receive complaints that your donation page is not secure, it is more than likely because the lock icon in your browser appears as "broken," due to images or other aspects of your template being hosted on non-secure servers.  Once your template is modified, your page will be secure.  Read these tips on securing your templates.

      How are transactions refunded?

      If your supporter accidentally submits a donation, event fee, or storefront page multiple times, they may end up contacting you and requesting a refund for one or several of the resulting transactions. 

      Salsa's default payment gateway as of March 2012 is Democracy Engine. There are a few important things to know about refunds:

      • You can refund donations through the Salsa interface and it will both mark a donation record as "Refunded" and refund the money to your donor. Click on the donation management tab, then on "donation search" to find the donation record. Then click the "details" link next to the donation, then click this button:

      • Enlarge
      • If you wish to refund a recurring donation, you will need to contact Democracy Engine at (info "at"
      • Depending on when your transactions are refunded, they may or may not be included in the total of your donations check for the corresponding month in which the transaction was initially submitted. This can account for discrepancies in check totals.  If your "Successful Donations Report by Date Range" report under your Donation tab in your Salsa interface is not clear enough for your use, please email us with any questions or concerns.

      If you manage your own transactions and process donations through your own merchant gateway, you will be able to refund their transaction through your gateway before marking the corresponding Salsa donation record in your interface as refunded. 

      Can I make a partial (not full) refund of an online transaction?

      Not through Salsa. You should be able to make a partial refund, or issue a chargeback for an arbitrary amount, through your merchant gateway account.

      How do we guard against spam transactions?

      • Transaction entries less than two dollars will not be accepted through our forms.
      • Our default forms require the cvv2/security code field (the few digits from the back of a credit card) to help ensure transactions are valid. Do note, however, that whether the transaction is successful is dependent on the account/credit card itself. Just as some transactions may be approved if a transaction is submitted using mismatched account names and billing addresses, some transactions may be approved if a bogus cvv2 value is used. The declined/accepted responses on the transactions are entirely dependent on the gateway processor and feedback from the individual account and are merely reported through our database. If you have particular questions or concerns about how or why a transaction was accepted or declined, we usually recommend you contact your gateway processor directly (or, if you use our default processor, we can contact them to check on particular values as well).
      • We will blacklist submissions from any of our forms if the forms have been submitted more than eight times within a few minutes. This helps to guard against spammers who might be using your pages to test account numbers repeatedly. If you are manually entering mailed transactions through an online form and believe you have been blacklisted in error, feel free to email our support address and please make sure to include the reference to the specific address. We can whitelist your address within a few minutes.
      • We use hidden fields on many forms, which help to guard against automated spam submissions.  For more details on guarding against spam entries in general, please contact Salsa Support at support @

      Can I brand or control the URL of the donation page?

      Usually not. Your Salsa provider registers its own security certificate to authenticate the page; a feature of those certificates is that url re-branding is generally not possible. If yours is a larger organization on its own dedicated node, contact your Salsa provider for more options.

      Do not use the Salsa API to pass donation information from your own unsecured pages. This data would be passed unencrypted, and would place your donors at significantly greater risk of fraud.

      How can I create a donation receipt that goes to the donor and/or staff?

      You'll want to add an autoresponder to the "Follow up" tab of your donation page. A "Reply" type autoresponse will go to the donor, while an "Individual" type can be designated to send to any email address (such as staff).

      To include the details of the donor's transaction in the body of the autoresponse, follow the instructions on our Autoresponse documentation page.

      I have met my daily transaction limit, what does this mean?

      You may be entering in donations manually or testing transactions and you get this error message:

      Due to daily transaction restrictions, your current IP address(xx.xx.xx.xx) has been blocked from making transactions. Please wait 24 hours before trying again. If you feel this is not correct, please contact the organization.

      We can assist in whitelisting your IP so you can continue testing / making manual donations. Simply send us an email at support at with the IP you want whitelisted.

      Is there a way to use Google Adwords for tracking donation conversions?

      Many Salsa users run Google Adwords to drive traffic and donations to their site. Through Adwords and Google Analytics, conversion rates can be tracked for fundraising campaigns. And by using session cookies, Salsa can pass along transaction data to Adwords. Here are some quick tips on getting Adwords to grab transaction data for tracking.

      Before we get started, please make sure you are using an independent thank you page - that is, don't use the built-in "Thank You Page Text" section of the Follow Up tab, but a Thank You page created in the Website Management package. Passing data using merge fields will not function properly in the "Thank You Page Text" section.

      First, you can find instructions and sample code from Google on this site

      You would copy any appropriate code from the Google site linked above and paste it into the source code of your thank-you page. (Open the source code (HTML code) by clicking the Source button at the top left of the WYSIWYG ribbon.)

      The next step is to add in dynamic merge fields in the correct sections of the Google code. In the example above, the var google_conversion_value would replace the 0 with [[amount]]. Here is a handy list of merge fields that will be helpful when figuring out which to use in Google's code.

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