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    Basic Donations Import

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      You can use a standard import (importing into the Supporter Table) to populate a supporter's history of donations. For an intermediate level option, read about importing directly into the Donation Table.

      How to get there

      You can import supporter donation history directly into the supporter table following the standard import process.


      Basic Donation Import

      1. Format your file as shown below. For additional tips on preparing our data for import, review our import documentationDownload a sample Excel file for importing donations to the supporter table.
      2. Your file must contain:
        • A column for one of the three variables used to identify supporters (Supporter_KEY, uid or e-mail)
        • Appropriate donation transaction information (List of available donation fields)
        • Two sets of First Name and Last Name fields in your import file (one set for the Supporter Table and one for the Donation Table)


      1. Navigate to the Supporter Package and open the Import Supporters tool
      2. Follow the standard import process. When you get to the field mapping step, remember there's a First Name and Last Name field on both the Supporter and the Donation table. This means your field mapping looks like this:


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