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    Enter Donations manually

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      When to use it

      There are several situations where you may need to manually enter donations, such as:

      • Receiving donations over the phone or on written forms
      • Entering donations of cash, other forms of tender, or in-kind donations

      You have two options to manually enter donations - you may use the process described here, or you may enter donations on a published donation form on behalf of a supporter.

      How to get there

      Click Enter Donations under the Donations package.


      Supporter Information

      If you are entering a donation for a supporter already in your supporter database, you can click Prefill information for supporter to search for that supporter. After finding the supporter, click the Select link to the left of the desired supporter, and Salsa will load their contact information into the Enter Donations page.


      If the donor in not in your supporter database, type their information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Street, etc.). After completing the rest of the page and hitting the Submit button, this will create a new supporter record for this donor as well as recording the donation.

      Payment Information

      Amount: The amount of the donation.

      Type: Choose the type of transaction you are entering, fields will change based on which option you choose.

      • Credit Card: Process a one-time or recurring donation with valid credit card information
      • Check: Add a check, you will be able to include check number
      • Cash: Add a cash donation
      • Other: Use as you see fit, maybe for Paypal donations or stock donations
      • Unknown: Same as the above, use it for donations that fall outside the normal donation avenues
      • Credit Card (Offline): Add a credit card donation that occurred outside of Salsa, this doesn't process the credit card


      At the bottom of this page, you can select additional options or provide optional information to be written to the donor record.

      Merchant Gateway: Select the merchant gateway you wish to use for this donation page from the Merchant Gateway drop down list.

      In Honor Of: This option will allow you supporters to enter In Honor Of information into the donation, so that you have an address and name for the honoree, or to send follow up communications to (thank you letter, etc.)

      In Memory Of: Add an In-Memory-Name for this donation.

      Occupation & Employer: Enter occupation and employer information for the donor. Note: only the Occupation field will will be inserted into their supporter record. Employer information will be stored in the Donation table and will require a Custom Report to access.

      Donation Type: This designates the type of transaction -- donations, payment, membership fees, in-kind donation, etc. Default is set to donation, but the other types are:


      NOTE: Although the 'Transaction Type' drop-down offers 'Recurring' as an option, please understand that choosing this option does not cause the transaction to actually become recurring.  This field is simply a reference field and does not change the actual type of transaction being sent to the merchant gateway.  For example, entering a manual check payment in the top of the screen and then choosing 'Recurring' as the Transaction Type will not set up a recurring check payment.  Recurring transactions can only be set up for credit cards, by selecting the 'Recurring' radio button in the top-panel of the entry-screen, regardless of what 'Transaction Type' is chosen in the drop-down field shown here.

      Tax Status: Enter the tax status for the donation. This is only really meaningful for organizations that accept donations under multiple tax statuses.

      Designation Code: Enter a designation code for your record keeping. This might include designation for a particular campaign or challenge grant.

      Batch Code: An optional field that that can be used for any type of coding; frequently used to identify a donation "batch" or collection of donations--such as all the donations for a particular date or event--and can sometimes used for accounting or audit trail purposes.

      Tracking Information: Specify the original source of the donation. Information added to this section will be stored in the Tracking_Code field.

      Donation Tracking Information: An additional place to add information about the source of the donation. Information added to this section will be stored in Donation_Tracking_Code.

      Notes: A text field for recording additional notes about this donation.

      Order Info: If this is a donation in relation to a purchase, this field is where information about the order (such as items, sizes, etc) can be recorded.

      Tags: Apply a tag to the donation with existing tags already in your Salsa interface, or create a new tag on the fly.

      Groups: Choosing one or several groups here will automatically add your supporters to the corresponding groups when the transaction is submitted.

      Emails: You can have the donation launch as many different emails as you like. Including at least one reply-type autoresponse confirming the transaction is highly recommended. See the guides on Autoresponses/Email Triggers and Streaming Emails for information on automated email followup across all Salsa packages.

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