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    Use an import to assign a supporter to donations

    In This Article:


      A few distinct use cases which would result in a need to change the supporter assigned to a donation record:

      • After an incorrect import, donations are assigned to the wrong supporter
      • Attributing all donations made by one organization to one supporter record

      If you need to update the supporter record to which donations are mapped, read on!



      Assigning supporters to donations is a straightforward process that can't be done by editing donation records -- Salsa doesn't have a way to do that.  However, Salsa does have a way to import data into the donation table.  So we'll use that facility, and the fact that Salsa modifies a record on import to change the supporter key for a bunch of donations.

      Here are some steps that you can follow.  You may want to review these first, and let us know if there are any questions before you begin.

      1. Create a list of donations to be modified.  The left-hand column is the donation_KEY, and the right-hand column is the supporter_KEY.  Separate the fields with commas -- trying to paste tabs into a website can get ugly, and commas are perfect for this kind of thing.Here is a sample import file that does just that.   (Caution: This is a sample.  Please do not use this as your input!)
      1. Navigate to the Import Supporters screen in the Supporter package of Salsa HQ
      2. Change the delimiter from Tab to Comma.  Salsa likes tabs, but those are better when importing a file.  Since we're pasting data directly into the Paste in Smaller Content field, we'll use commas instead.
      3. Type "donation" into the Write In Table field.  This overrides Supporter in the previous field.
      4. Copy the import data from step (1), and paste it Into the box under the prompt that starts with "If you wish, you can cut and paste...".
      5. When these steps are done, the import screen should look like this screenshot:



      1. Click the button labeled Save + Continue.  That will take you to the second page of the import workflow.
      2. On the second page of the workflow, make sure that the data fields are mapped correctly to the Salsa donation fields.
      3. Change the Skip Lines field from "0" to "1".  That will tell the importer to skip the row with the field names in it.
      4. When this is done, the second page of the import workflow should look like this:



      1.  Click the Submit for Upload button.

      And then...

      Salsa will display the list of uploads in progress.  Your import is queued to run with other imports on the system, so this is usually a pretty good time to have a cup of coffee (or tea) and a cookie.  When the import is done, all of the donation records will have the same supporter_KEY.


      If you have any questions, then please gather up this info

      • Your organization key
      • The list of donation KEYs that need to be modified.
      • The supporter KEY to assign, and
      • Anything else that might help us answer your questions

      Email it to us, and we'll be glad to help out.


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      • It is absolutely maddening to have to engage through all this work for a simple donation edit. Isn't the purpose of a CRM system to make managing constituents and donations easier?!? 

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