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    Send an automatic email to a supporter to created a P2P donation page

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      When to use it

      When one of your supporters signs up via a Peer to Peer Campaign page and creates their own, customized donation page they're stepping up to raise funds on your organization's behalf. This is an amazing gift of their time and talent so it's a good idea to make it as easy as possible on them to raise funds for you. Sending them a thank you email with links to helpful resources (including their own donation page so they can find it later) is advised.

      How to get there

      After you create the email autoresponse(s), you can add them to the Peer to Peer Campaign on the Customize the create page tab of the campaign workflow.


      Create the Email Autoresponse

      Create the Email Autoresponse as normal. On the content tab of the Email Autoresponse workflow, add a link to your Supporter's P2P donation page:

      1. Take the URL of an existing P2P donation page (it can be one you created for testing purposes). An example is [ ]
      2. At the end of the URL will be the syntax KEY=#### - replace that with KEY=[[supporter_my_donate_page_KEY]]
      3. Now the modified URL reads something like[[supporter_my_donate_page_KEY]]

      NOTE:  Your URL will be slightly different than the one in this example. Use one of your existing P2P donation pages as explained in Step 1.

      In addition to a link to the supporter's donation page, it might also be helpful to include information about your campaign, helpful fundraising tips, contact information in case they need support, and a link to their Salsa Profile Manager if you've decided to enable that feature. Supporters can further customize their P2P donation page using the Profile Manager.

      Add the Email Autoresponse to the P2P Campaign

      Once you create your Email Autoresponse(s), add them to your campaign by selecting one or more Reference Names from the Send these emails upon page creation field on the Customize the Create Page tab.

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      • This key doesn't seem to be working. I've tested a few times with my own page and the email I get doesn't include anything after KEY=.

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      • The [[supporter_my_donate_page_KEY]] merge field worked for me. This only works for autoresponse/triggers that are assigned in the method that is detailed above. The best way to test this is to create a new P2P page to see if the triggered email correctly fills the merge fields. 

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      • I'm having the same issue as Hannah and have done all as suggested by the detailed method and Brennan's advice.

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