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    Change a TAF to show the person-to-person donation page's title

    In This Article:


      When a person signs up to host a Person-to-Person (P2P) donation page, the last step is to use a Tell-A-Friend (TAF) page to send mail to the host's friends.  When the TAF appears, it has a title configured in the P2P campaign by a campaign manager:


      How would you like your page page not to have the configured subject...


      But the title of the P2P page instead?


      LIke that?  Read on!


      The solution has two parts that are installed at the same time.  The first page queries the Salsa database for the title of the P2P page.  The second part uses Javascript to replaces the subject on the TAF page with the P2P's title.


      Note: Installing this solution will set the TAF subject to the P2P title on all P2P pages that use the same template.  If you will have P2P campaigns where the TAF subject should not be modified, then create a copy of your template, and use the copy to make the changes in this solution.

      Here are some steps that you can use:

      1. Edit the temp;late used by P2P campaigns.
      2. Locate the </body> tag.
      3. Insert a blank line after the </body> tag.
      4. Click on this link to view the solution scripts.
      5. When the page appears, click on the Raw button.  That will show the script in a window by itself.
      6. Copy the contents of the window, then close it.
      7. Paste the copied text into the blank link that was inserted before the </body> tag.
      8. Save the template.
      9. Assign the template to a P2P campaign.
      10. Test!


      If you have any questions, please gather this information:

      • Your template_KEY
      • Your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter
      • The template_KEY for the modified template
      • The my_donate_page_KEY for a P2P page that has the modified template assigned
      • A brief description of the problem that you're seeing
      • A screenshot, if at all possible

      Send this information in a message to, and we'll be glad to help.

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