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    Intermediate Donations Import: Importing Directly to Donation Table

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      When to use it

      If you're doing a very simple donations import, you can import directly into the supporter table. Import directly to the donation table if you need to do any of the following:

      Donations imported directly to the donation table also have an additional benefit - you can batch delete all of them from the query tool.

      How to get there

      To import into the donation table, you use the standard Import Supporters tool (found in the Supporter package). You'll just use the Write in table field instead of importing into the Supporter table (which is the default).


      Import Donations Directly into the Donation Table

      1. Export existing supporter data from Salsa - Ensure that your export includes the Supporter_KEY


      1. Add any additional donation information columns to the exported file (suggested columns include Transaction Date, Transaction Type, and Amount, but you can review the full list of fields on the Donation Object to see all of your options).
      2. Format your import file as you would for any Salsa import (Download a sample file)
      3. Ensure that your import file still has a column for Supporter_KEY


      1. Open the import tool and upload your properly formatted Tab Delimited Text file
      2. Write in "donation" as the table to which you're importing:


      1. In the second step of the import workflow, match your fields just like any standard import. The task is the same, but the values in the Database Field column will be those in the Donation Object instead of the Supporter Object.


      1. IMPORTANT:  Turn off deduplication completely so that the records don't automatically deduplicate by supporter key. If you don't turn this off, only one donation for each supporter will be added.


      Deleting Imported Donations

      Sometimes you'll need to delete or back out a series of donations that you've imported. You can use this query tool to identify imported donations and delete them if BOTH of these conditions are true:

      • You imported directly to the donation table
      • AND all the donations were new

      To identify and bulk delete the donations in a single donation import:

      1. Using the query/export tool, select this Condition Type


      1. Complete your query as shown (you'll need to know the Import Key and/or date and time of your donation import to be sure you're identifying the correction donations import


      1. Run your query, and then complete the desired bulk action on the Take Action tab of the workflow. Bulk Delete is one of the options.



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