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    Identify Lapsed Donors

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      When to use it

      Lapsed donors are donors who have given to your organization in the past, but have stopped giving for some reason. There are many reasons for reach out to these lapsed donors and asking them to give again including:

      • The cost to recapture a lapsed donor is usually lower than the cost to acquire a new donor
      • Generally, the long-term value of a recaptured donor is higher than that of a newly acquired donor

      There are lots of fundraising resources to help you with the strategy behind recapturing lapsed donors, but before you can recapture them, you need to identify who they are.

      How to get there

      If you need a list of lapsed donors with donor information only (i.e. donor first name, last name, and email), the query tool is all you need. If you need a list of lapsed donors and corresponding donation amounts, you'll need a report.

      Lapsed Donor Query

      You can use the query tool (found in the Supporter Package) to identify your lapsed donors.

      Build the query as shown. Modify the dates to fit your particular data needs.


      If you give the query a name as shown above (before you click the button), the query will be saved. You'll be able to keep updating the dates and re-running the query to get an updated list.


      Lapsed Donor Report

      Building a lapsed donor report takes three steps:

      1. Build and run the query shown above.
      2. Batch add a tag to all supporters who meeting the conditions of the query.



      1. Build a custom report and use the Filter By Tag functionality to show only supporters who have that lapsed donor tag.



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