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    Social media link creation tool - pretty cool!

    In This Article:

      Let's not lie... occasionally, Salsa's sharing tool leaves something to be desired. In particular, understanding what field in Salsa corresponds to the correct section of Twitter or Facebook.

      That's where a cool tool made by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (AKA comes in. Click here to pop open the tool. 

      By clicking either of the links, you can create custom sharing URLs which can then be applied to your Thank You text, or to any other page in Salsa. 

      Disclaimer: This is not a Salsa tool, and as such, if the tool does not function correctly, Salsa cannot be held responsible.

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      • Is Salsa working to improve the sharing tool?

      • Hi Casey - Yup! There are a few existing sharing features within the platform that we know could use some work. We've done some formatting/layout improvements in the "Sharing Configuration" panel over the past couple months, and we do expect to make more updates in the new year.

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