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    Installing the Social Lookup Package

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      There are many extra packages in Salsa which may be added on to your account upon request. Usually, the process is that a campaign manager will contact Salsa Support. In the case of Social Lookup, however, we'll need a campaign manager to sign the most up-to-date Terms of Service before installing the Social Lookup package, so we've built it all into one, simple workflow for you. Simply follow the steps below to install the package.

      NOTE:  As a part of this workflow, you'll be directed to the Package Management listing. If you're a Super Admin you will have access rights to install and uninstall any published package from this page. Follow the instructions carefully and only install the Social Lookup package. If you have questions about other packages, please contact Salsa Support for assistance.

      Before Installing the Package

      As soon as you install the Social Lookup package, a job will run which will crawl the internet, looking for all social media accounts with email addresses that match the email addresses in your supporter records. When it finds social media accounts where the email address is a match, it will pull that information back into Salsa - giving you additional information on which to query and target your email blasts.

      After the initial job is run, it will run again monthly. If you have an import ready, or if you know you have new supporter records to add by hand, be sure you have made any desired updates your supporter list before you install the package so those records will be immediately updated with your Social Lookup data (and you won't have to wait a month to see them get picked up).

      Installing the Package

      1. If you're using the "new UI" shown in these screenshots, open the Supporter Package and click on the Social Lookup link. If you're using the "old UI," go straight to Salsa's package management page and skip ahead to Step 4 of these instructions.
      2. If the package is already installed, you'll see the admin console - proceed to the standard user documentation for the features. If the package is not installed, you'll see a link install it.


      1. After you click the Install the Social Lookup Package text link, you'll be taken to the Package Management page (with a list of available packages).
      2. Search for the Social Lookup package in the package list.


      1. Click the button and the Additional Terms for Append Services window will pop up.
      2. Review the terms of service and click the button to complete the installation.


      1. You will be redirected to the Admin Console and the data sync will begin. It may be some time before the sync is complete and supporter records are updated with Social History data.


      Limitations of Social Lookup

      If you carefully read those terms of service before you agreed to them, you already know that you won't be able to export any Social Lookup data from Salsa. For that reason, you'll be able to query on this data, but Social History tables will not be available via the Custom Report Builder.

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