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    Embed Salsa pages on Facebook

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      Quick Guide: Adding Salsa Pages to Facebook

      Need to add an action page, donation page, or any other page to your organization's Facebook page? Here's how to do it! 

      Are you using a default thank you page?

      Unfortunately, default thank you pages won't work when you put a Salsa page into Facebook. To workaround this issue:
      1. Create a thank you page.
      2. View the newly created thank you page.
      3. Copy the thank you page URL from your browser's address bar.
      4. Edit the page being inserted into Facebook.
      5. Paste the thank you page into the Redirect field.
      6. Change http:// to https:// in the pasted text.  (Very important!)
      7. Save the page that is being added to Facebook.

      Click the view page link in Salsa to get the URL for your action or donation page; copy the page URL.



      Go to (Add the Developer App to your account if you haven't already done so.) Click the + Add a New App button to start the process.



      A pop-up will load on your screen, choose Website.


      Type in the name of your App and click Create New Facebook App ID.



      Choose Apps for Pages in the 'Category' section and then click Create App ID.


      Click Skip Quick Start in the upper right hand corner.


      Click the Settings option on the left menu bar.


      On the Settings panel, first make sure to configure the Contact Email field:


      On the Settings panel, click the Add Platform button:


      On the following screen, choose the "Page Tab" option:

      And on the Page Tab configuration, configure the following:


      (a) - Secure Page Tab URL - Copy your Salsa page URL to this field. Note: Page URLs here should have https:// in the URL (note the s). (Donation pages should automatically have an https.)
      (b) - Page Tab Name - This takes the name of the app by default, but feel free to change this - this will be the name listed on your Facebook page.
      (c) - Page Tab URL - Copy your Salsa page URL to this field. Make no changes to the URL.
      (d) - Page Tab Image - if you would like an image to be displayed on your Facebook page, then configure the image here.

      Click the button, and then move on to the next step.


      Click to the Status & Review panel, where you'll enable/publish the app by clicking the slider:


      Return to the Dashboard panel or Settings panel to find your App ID number. Copy this number:


      In a text file / scratch pad, paste your App ID number into a text file (use Notepad on the PC or Text Edit on Mac). 
      In your same text file, create a URL based off of the following template:

      Replace YOUR_APP_ID with the number you saved.

      Now copy and paste the final URL into your browser. On that page, choose from the dropdown which page you would like to add the app to:


      After selecting which page to add to, click  and then navigate to your organization’s page to confirm the action page has been added.


      Please note that app creation is entirely a Facebook process. Unfortunately, Salsa Labs is unable to provide troubleshooting or setup verification for particular app setups.

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      • Thanks, Nick - this was really clear and helpful.  I had managed to create the app on my own, but I could not figure out how to add it to my page after several hours of poking around the Facebook help. Thanks!!!!

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