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    There was a problem with this query. Please contact your support channels.

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      If you've run into an error like this:


      chances are pretty good that your query conditions are taking too long to process. The performance of your query can be affected by the complexity of the conditions, and the more complex the structure is, the longer the query will take to process. When you encounter this error try breaking your query into smaller parts to see if it resolves this problem.

      As an example, let's say that I want to run a query for "everyone who is in any of my groups." That query would look like this:


      and depending on how many supporter records we have to search on, queries like this frequently will time out.

      Instead, we can break the query down into smaller batches, like this:


      and in the second step after running the query, we can add a unique tag to the supporters who are returned, like this:


      We can repeat that process with other batches and add the same tag. Then, when we return the full results for all of the records, we can use the tag as one of our conditions, like this:


      Here is our documentation on queries:

      If you continue to run into this error even after limiting the amount you are querying on please let us know and we can check into it further.

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