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    Google Analytics

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      Salsa pages can be tracked similarly to how you track your own site's pages by inserting the Google source into your Salsa templates.  Google Analytics will track each page individually whenever your tracking code is applied to it. If you apply it to your template, then Google will track all the pages where that template is applied. If you have trouble, this documentation may be helpful:



      When you add it to your template, we recommend adding it before the </body> tag towards the bottom of your template so that your pages load most efficiently.

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      • Thanks Zak, but I thought Google Analytics had to be put in the <head> part?

      • Hi Christopher,

        The Analytics code doesn't have to be put in any one place. It's recommended in the header section, but also works fine in the body or the footer. We've looked at how Salsa interacts with the code, and our specific recommendation for Salsa pages is in accordance with Zak's post above.

      • I would like to know if its possible to include GA code in the processing page before the confirmation page. Our donation page has GA ecommerce set up, however,  the source tracking gets lost in between pages due to the GA code not being present in the processing page:

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