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    Two ways to automatically set the State field on a Salsa page

    In This Article:

      Two ways...

      The State field on Salsa pages defaults to the value "Select a state", allowing your users to select their state manually. But you can save your supporters some time by automatically setting the State field. 

      Here are two ways to set a different default value in the State field.

      The first is to set the State by amending your page's URL as described in this article.  Here's an example of a donation page where the state is defaulted to "TX":

      If you would rather not change the URL, or you would like to have all of the Salsa pages for your organization have the state automatically defined, then read on!


      • Campaign managers that modify templates.


      <script type="text/javascript">
      $(function() {
      • Paste the Javascript right before the </body> tag in your template.  The </body> tag should be on a line by itself when you are done.
      • Notice that the state in the example is North Carolina (NC).  Replace "NC" with your state abbreviation.
      • Save the template

      When you are done, all of the pages that use this template will have the state set to the state that you chose.

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