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    Countries, state names and setting a default country

    In This Article:


      For a few of our clients, changing the country in a Country field does not change the list of states. When they are updated, then the values stored in Salsa are strange looking things like GB+01 or DE+A1. The solution in this document fixes both of these problems.

      Please Note: This solution is not for everyone. Please employ this solution only if instructed to do so by one of our support staff. Have a question about whether or not this is right for you? Contact our support team!


      The solution is to add a script to all of your templates that are used on pages that contain a Country field. Here are some steps that you can use for each template:

      1. Edit the template. If you have only one template, then edit that.
      2. Locate the </body> tag using the search tool in the browser.
      3. Insert a blank line just before the </body> tag.
      4. Copy this text:
      1. Paste the text into the newly inserted line.
      2. Save the template.
      3. Test, test, test!

      Change the default country

      If you want the default country to be something other than the United States, here are some steps that you can use.

      1. Find the section of the script that configures the default country.


      1. Change US to the country of your choice. For example
        • CA Canada
        • CH Switzerland
        • DE Germany
        • FR France
        • MX Mexico
      2. Don't see your country?  Please click here  to view the list of valid country codes.


      If you have any questions, please collection this information:

      • Your organization_KEY
      • Your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter
      • The template_KEY of the modified template
      • The donate_page_KEY of a page that uses the template
      • A screenshot, of possible

      Send this information to, and we'll be glad to help.

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