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    Line up checkboxes and labels on Salsa pages

    In This Article:


      Have you noticed that your checkboxes are not lined up with their labels? The checkboxes for your groups or custom fields look like they're drooping under the text? Then read on!


      The solution is to add some CSS to your template(s) that sets the vertical align for the checkboxes. The CSS vertical align defines the relationship between things like checkboxes (radio buttons, etc) and the nearest text. Use these lines to install this solution:

      • Edit the default template.
      • Locate the </head> tag.
      • Copy this text:
      <style type="text/css">
        .salsa input, .salsa select {
      vertical-align: text-top !important;
      • Insert an empty line just before the </head> tag.
      • Paste the text onto the empty line.
      • Save the template.
      • Test.

      Have Questions?

      There are tons of resources, with great examples, on the web. Just search for "CSS vertical-align", and you'll be amazed.

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