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    Beyond Supporters: Importing to Other Tables

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      You can actually import entries to any Salsa table, not just the supporter table. For example:

      • Add names of supporters who filled out a paper petition to the list of supporters who completed the online version (supporter_action table)
      • Import donations which were made offline into your list of donations made in Salsa (donation table)

      How to get there

      Salsa's standard import tool can is used for this process, but you'll use the Write in table field instead to manually type the name of the table into which you're importing.


      NOTE: This operation is only recommended for advanced users. Salsa's public database documentation can be found in our user documentation so you can use this documentation to decide on a table to which to write your data. If you don't know what a database table is, please contact our support team for assistance.

      Example: Import Petition Signers

      One way to use the write-in feature is to import petition signers or event attendees. This process can be more efficiently accomplished by simply importing a supporter list into a new group, and using the query tool to add the members of that group to the petition or event – however, the outline below should give a sense of the importer's flexible capacity to interact with tables throughout Salsa.

      Salsa has a table called supporter_action that establishes the connection between a supporter and an campaign s/he has signed on to. The key fields there are the supporter_key number and the action_key number. Here's how to import your source file (spreadsheet) into this table:

      1. Import your file just into the supporter list, putting them all in a group as you do it. No supporters should be in this group except for those you want to add to this petition as signers.
      2. Run a query on this group and export all group members.
      3. Export this group by querying the group and exporting it. The purpose of these first two steps is to get a supporter_key number in your file, so you'll need to make sure you choose to include it. (You can, actually, export nothing but the supporter_key).
      4. Get the action_key number from the Actions section (or from the user-facing page – you can see it in the url).
      5. Open up your exported file in a spreadsheet application such as Excel, create a new column, and mass-paste the petition key number into it for all the records you've exported. So you should now have a file with a different supporter key for each line but , the same action key for each line. something like this:
        supporter_key action_key
        12345 999
        24680 999
        36912 999
        ... 999
      6. Save this file as a delimited text file.
      7. Return to the importer. Browse for the file you've just saved and designate the delimiting character, just like normal. Only for this, use the "write-in table" supporter_action.
      8. Submit, and on to step two.
      9. In step two, you should have many new and exotic choices (the field matching drop down lists will be updated to correspond to the fields in the supporter_action table). You'll obviously want to match the supporter_key to supporter_key and action_key to action_key. That's really all that's needed, but you can use as many fields as you like – and if you're displaying signatures in a user-facing version on your actions, you'll probably want to include names and (where possible) comments at the very least. You can put those into the data file as well, of course. Be careful with comments, and fields like it, in case the comment block itself includes commas, line breaks or tabs that might confuse the importer.

      Allowed State Codes and Names

      Your import files can contain either the code or the name of the state; both will work. Also, the text is not case sensitive: "New York" and "nEw yOrK" will both correctly import as long as the spelling is correct.

      Code Name
      AL Alabama
      AK Alaska
      AS American Samoa
      AZ Arizona
      AR Arkansas
      CA California
      CO Colorado
      CT Connecticut
      DE Delaware
      DC D.C.
      FL Florida
      GA Georgia
      GU Guam
      HI Hawaii
      ID Idaho
      IL Illinois
      IN Indiana
      IA Iowa
      KS Kansas
      KY Kentucky
      LA Louisiana
      ME Maine
      MD Maryland
      MA Massachusetts
      MI Michigan
      MN Minnesota
      MS Mississippi
      MO Missouri
      MT Montana
      NE Nebraska
      NV Nevada
      NH New Hampshire
      NJ New Jersey
      NM New Mexico
      NY New York
      NC North Carolina
      ND North Dakota
      MP Northern Mariana Islands
      OH Ohio
      OK Oklahoma
      OR Oregon
      PA Pennsylvania
      PR Puerto Rico
      RI Rhode Island
      SC South Carolina
      SD South Dakota
      TN Tennessee
      TX Texas
      UT Utah
      VT Vermont
      VI Virgin Islands
      VA Virginia
      WA Washington
      WV West Virginia
      WI Wisconsin
      WY Wyoming
      AA Armed Forces (the) Americas
      AE Armed Forces Europe
      AP Armed Forces Pacific
      AB Alberta
      BC British Columbia
      MB Manitoba
      NF Newfoundland
      NB New Brunswick
      NS Nova Scotia
      NT Northwest Territories
      NU Nunavut
      ON Ontario
      PE Prince Edward Island
      QC Quebec
      SK Saskatchewan
      YT Yukon Territory
      ot Other

      Info: Allowed Country Codes and Names

      List of Country Codes and Names Allowed in Salsa

      NOTE: Your import file should contain the code ONLY and not the name of the country.

      Country Code Country Name
      US United States
      AF Afghanistan
      AL Albania
      DZ Algeria
      AS American Samoa
      AD Andorra
      AO Angola
      AI Anguilla
      AQ Antarctica
      AG Antigua and Barbuda
      AR Argentina
      AM Armenia
      AW Aruba
      AU Australia
      AT Austria
      AZ Azerbaijan
      BS Bahamas
      BH Bahrain
      BD Bangladesh
      BB Barbados
      BY Belarus
      BE Belgium
      BZ Belize
      BJ Benin
      BM Bermuda
      BT Bhutan
      BO Bolivia
      BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
      BW Botswana
      BV Bouvet Island
      BR Brazil
      IO British Indian Ocean Territory
      BN Brunei Darussalam
      BG Bulgaria
      BF Burkina Faso
      BI Burundi
      KH Cambodia
      CM Cameroon
      CA Canada
      CV Cape Verde
      KY Cayman Islands
      CF Central African Republic
      TD Chad
      CL Chile
      CN China
      CX Christmas Island
      CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands
      CO Colombia
      KM Comoros
      CG Congo
      CD Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
      CK Cook Islands
      CR Costa Rica
      CI Cote D'Ivoire
      HR Croatia
      CU Cuba
      CY Cyprus
      CZ Czech Republic
      DK Denmark
      DJ Djibouti
      DM Dominica
      DO Dominican Republic
      TL East Timor
      EC Ecuador
      EG Egypt
      SV El Salvador
      GQ Equatorial Guinea
      ER Eritrea
      EE Estonia
      ET Ethiopia
      FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
      FO Faroe Islands
      FJ Fiji
      FI Finland
      FR France
      FX France, Metropolitan
      GF French Guiana
      PF French Polynesia
      TF French Southern Territories
      GA Gabon
      GM Gambia
      GE Georgia
      DE Germany
      GH Ghana
      GI Gibraltar
      GR Greece
      GL Greenland
      GD Grenada
      GP Guadeloupe
      GU Guam
      GT Guatemala
      GN Guinea
      GW Guinea-Bissau
      GY Guyana
      HT Haiti
      HM Heard and McDonald Islands
      VA Holy See (Vatican City State)
      HN Honduras
      HK Hong Kong
      HU Hungary
      IS Iceland
      IN India
      ID Indonesia
      IR Iran, Islamic Republic of
      IQ Iraq
      IE Ireland
      IL Israel
      IT Italy
      JM Jamaica
      JP Japan
      JO Jordan
      KZ Kazakhstan
      KE Kenya
      KI Kiribati
      KP Korea, Dem. People's Republic of
      KR Korea, Republic of
      KW Kuwait
      KG Kyrgyzstan
      LA Lao People's Democratic Republic
      LV Latvia
      LB Lebanon
      LS Lesotho
      LR Liberia
      LY Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
      LI Liechtenstein
      LT Lithuania
      LU Luxembourg
      MO Macao
      MK Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic
      MG Madagascar
      MW Malawi
      MY Malaysia
      MV Maldives
      ML Mali
      MT Malta
      MH Marshall Islands
      MQ Martinique
      MR Mauritania
      MU Mauritius
      YT Mayotte
      MX Mexico
      FM Micronesia, Federated States of
      MD Moldova, Republic of
      MC Monaco
      MN Mongolia
      MS Montserrat
      MA Morocco
      MZ Mozambique
      MM Myanmar
      NA Namibia
      NR Nauru
      NP Nepal
      NL Netherlands
      AN Netherlands Antilles
      NC New Caledonia
      NZ New Zealand
      NI Nicaragua
      NE Niger
      NG Nigeria
      NU Niue
      NF Norfolk Island
      MP Northern Mariana Islands
      NO Norway
      OM Oman
      PK Pakistan
      PW Palau
      PS Palestinian Territory, Occupied
      PA Panama
      PG Papua New Guinea
      PY Paraguay
      PE Peru
      PH Philippines
      PN Pitcairn
      PL Poland
      PT Portugal
      PR Puerto Rico
      QA Qatar
      RE Reunion
      RO Romania
      RU Russian Federation
      RW Rwanda
      SH Saint Helena
      KN Saint Kitts and Nevis
      LC Saint Lucia
      PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
      VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
      WS Samoa
      SM San Marino
      ST Sao Tome and Principe
      SA Saudi Arabia
      SN Senegal
      SP Serbia
      SC Seychelles
      SL Sierra Leone
      SG Singapore
      SK Slovakia
      SI Slovenia
      SB Solomon Islands
      SO Somalia
      ZA South Africa
      SS South Sudan
      GS S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Islands
      ES Spain
      LK Sri Lanka
      SD Sudan
      SR Suriname
      SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen
      SZ Swaziland
      SE Sweden
      CH Switzerland
      SY Syrian Arab Republic
      TW Taiwan
      TJ Tajikistan
      TZ Tanzania, United Republic of
      TH Thailand
      TG Togo
      TK Tokelau
      TO Tonga
      TT Trinidad and Tobago
      TN Tunisia
      TR Turkey
      TM Turkmenistan
      TC Turks and Caicos Islands
      TV Tuvalu
      UG Uganda
      UA Ukraine
      AE United Arab Emirates
      GB United Kingdom
      UM United States Outlying Islands
      UY Uruguay
      UZ Uzbekistan
      VU Vanuatu
      VE Venezuela
      VN Vietnam
      VG Virgin Islands, British
      VI Virgin Islands, U.S.
      WF Wallis and Futuna
      EH Western Sahara
      YE Yemen
      YU Yugoslavia
      ZR Zaire
      ZM Zambia
      ZW Zimbabwe

      List of allowable Language_code entries

      The three-letter code must be used; the full name will not work.

      Code Name
      eng English
      aar Afar
      abk Abkhazian
      afr Afrikaans
      aka Akan
      alb Albanian
      amh Amharic
      ara Arabic
      arg Aragonese
      arm Armenian
      asm Assamese
      ava Avaric
      ave Avestan
      aym Aymara
      aze Azerbaijani
      bak Bashkir
      bam Bambara
      baq Basque
      bel Belarusian
      ben Bengali
      bih Bihari
      bis Bislama
      bos Bosnian
      bre Breton
      bul Bulgarian
      bur Burmese
      cat Catalan; Valencian
      cha Chamorro
      che Chechen
      chi Chinese
      chv Chuvash
      cor Cornish
      cos Corsican
      cre Cree
      cze Czech
      dan Danish
      div Divehi; Maldivian
      dut Dutch; Flemish
      dzo Dzongkha
      epo Esperanto
      est Estonian
      ewe Ewe
      fao Faroese
      fij Fijian
      fin Finnish
      fre French
      fry Western Frisian
      ful Fulah
      geo Georgian
      ger German
      gla Gaelic; Scottish Gaelic
      gle Irish
      glg Galician
      glv Manx
      gre Greek
      grn Guarani
      guj Gujarati
      hat Haitian; Haitian Creole
      hau Hausa
      heb Hebrew
      her Herero
      hin Hindi
      hmo Hiri Motu
      hrv Croatian
      hun Hungarian
      ibo Igbo
      ice Icelandic
      ido Ido
      iii Sichuan Yi; Nuosu
      iku Inuktitut
      ile Interlingue; Occidental
      ina Interlingua (IALA)
      ind Indonesian
      ipk Inupiaq
      ita Italian
      jav Javanese
      jpn Japanese
      kal Greenlandic
      kan Kannada
      kas Kashmiri
      kau Kanuri
      kaz Kazakh
      khm Central Khmer
      kik Kikuyu; Gikuyu
      kin Kinyarwanda
      kir Kirghiz; Kyrgyz
      kom Komi
      kon Kongo
      kor Korean
      kua Kuanyama; Kwanyama
      kur Kurdish
      lao Lao
      lat Latin
      lav Latvian
      lim Limburgish
      lin Lingala
      lit Lithuanian
      ltz Luxembourgish
      lub Luba-Katanga
      lug Ganda
      mac Macedonian
      mah Marshallese
      mal Malayalam
      mao Maori
      mar Marathi
      may Malay
      mlg Malagasy
      mlt Maltese
      mon Mongolian
      nau Nauru
      nav Navajo; Navaho
      nbl Ndebele
      ndo Ndonga
      nep Nepali
      nor Norwegian
      nya Chichewa; Nyanja
      oci Occitan
      oji Ojibwa
      ori Oriya
      orm Oromo
      oss Ossetian; Ossetic
      pan Panjabi; Punjabi
      per Persian
      pli Pali
      pol Polish
      por Portuguese
      pus Pushto; Pashto
      que Quechua
      roh Romansh
      rum Romanian; Moldovan
      run Rundi
      rus Russian
      sag Sango
      san Sanskrit
      sin Sinhala; Sinhalese
      slo Slovak
      slv Slovenian
      sme Northern Sami
      smo Samoan
      sna Shona
      snd Sindhi
      som Somali
      sot Sotho, Southern
      spa Spanish
      srd Sardinian
      srp Serbian
      ssw Swati
      sun Sundanese
      swa Swahili
      swe Swedish
      tah Tahitian
      tam Tamil
      tat Tatar
      tel Telugu
      tgk Tajik
      tgl Tagalog
      tha Thai
      tib Tibetan
      tir Tigrinya
      ton Tonga
      tsn Tswana
      tso Tsonga
      tuk Turkmen
      tur Turkish
      twi Twi
      uig Uighur; Uyghur
      ukr Ukrainian
      urd Urdu
      uzb Uzbek
      ven Venda
      vie Vietnamese
      vol Volapuk
      wel Welsh
      wln Walloon
      wol Wolof
      xho Xhosa
      yid Yiddish
      yor Yoruba
      zha Zhuang; Chuang
      zul Zulu
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