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    Identify the preferred language of supporters

    In This Article:


      Here's an example story:

      1. You've got two versions of each petition and targeted action - one in English and one in Spanish
      2. In the event that someone signs the Spanish-language version, you'd like to update their supporter record to reflect that Spanish is their preferred language (so you can segment your list and send them Spanish emails later on).

      If you think that would be helpful for your organization, then please read on!


      The language can be set to a default value like "Spanish" using a small Javascript. If you do not already have a template reserved for a particular language, then you will probalby want to make a copy of your current template for that purpose.

      Here are some steps that can use these steps to install the script into the copied template:

      • Edit the template for Spanish-language actions.
      • Locate the </body> tag.
      • Insert a blank line before the </body> tag.
      • Click on this link to view the script:
      • Click on the Raw button. That will show just the script.
      • Copy the script and close the script window.
      • Paste the test into the newly inserted line in the template.
      • If your custom field name is not "Language", then change it.  There's a line in the script that shows where.
      • If the language is not Spanish, then change it.  There's a line in the script for that, too.
      • Save the template.
      • Test!

      Testing is straightforward:

      • Select an action where the language needs to be Spanish.
      • Assign the new template  to the action:
      • Save the template and view it.
      • The "Language" field should now read "Spanish".


      If you have any questions, please gather this information:

      1. Your organization_KEY
      2. Your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter
      3. The template_KEY of the modified template
      4. The action_KEY of a page that's assigned the modified template
      5. A screenshot, if at all possible

      Send this information in a message to, and we'll be glad to help.

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