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    Change "Please select a state" in the State dropdown

    In This Article:


      Would you like to replace  "Select a state"  in the State field


      with something else?  Say "Select a state or province"?


      Yup?  Read on!


      The solution is to install a script into your template(s).  The script will automatically change the default value for the State field when the page is displayed.  Here are some steps that you can use.

      Note: These steps must be used for all of your templates for the effect to appear everywhere.

      1. Edit a template.  If you have only one template then edit that.
      2. Locate the </body> tag using the browser's search tool.
      3. Insert a blank line just before the </body> tag.
      4. Copy this text.
      1. Paste the copied text into the newly inserted line in the template.
      2. Save the template.
      3. Test!


      If you have any questions, please gather this information:

      • Your organization key
      • Your chapter key if you are in a chapter
      • The template_KEY of the modified template.
      • The URL of a page that uses the modified template.  Retrieve this from the browser's address bar when you are viewing the page.
      • A screenshot, if at all possible

      Please send this information to and we'll be glad to help.

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