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    Transaction Exports

    In This Article:

      Salsa Engage enables you to export transactions to a CSV formatted file.

      Step 1: Getting Started

      Click Transactions along the left-hand side of the window, and then click Manage Exports tab. The Manage Exports window will open. It features a list of previous exports and, to the right, the + Create an Export button.

      Step 2: Create an Export

      1. Click the + Create an Export button. The Create Export page will open.
      2. Under Setup, fill out the Name this export and Add a description fields.
        Note: The Name field is required and the Description is optional. Both fields are for internal use only; no donor will see these designations.
      3. Click the Next: Export Rules >> button in the lower right-hand corner. The Export Criteria page will open.

      Step 3: Select Export Criteria

      1. Click the date field to select the date from which donation information will be included.
      2. Select the date range of donations that you want to include: 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, or All. The Export Record Count display will show how many records are included for the date range that you have selected.
      3. Chose to have your donation data exported immediately or at a later time.
      4. Click Schedule It! to schedule the export. The Export Results page will open with a list of your reports.

      Pro Tip: schedule when an export is to be performed based on the time zone of the user that is saving the edit, particularly the time zone setting on that computer workstation. We store the request in a universal time format that will work for all users, regardless of location. A Central time zone user scheduling for an east coast organization has to be cognizant of this relative to when the organization wants the action taken. 10 AM Central time is 11 AM Eastern time! If the time zone setting on the computer is not correct, this can affect scheduling.

      Step 4: View Export Results

      The third section of your export-making process is labeled Export Results. This is where you'll see the list of available exports, their date, the record size, and whether they're scheduled or available for immediate downloading.

      The icon for Export Actions, to the right of the table, changes depending on whether you've scheduled an export or selected the export to be available immediately.

      Salsa Engage exports a Comma Separated Value file (CSV). Once you've opened it in Excel or the spreadsheet program of your choice, you can then convert the file to another format. See your spreadsheet program's instructions on how to get your file saved or exported in the format of your choice.

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