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      The Task button on the Dashboard Explorer shows a listing of your tasks. This is the same feature as Tasks (refer to the Task Section in this manual for more information) just in an additional location.

      1. To access
      My Dashboard, and you have configured DonorPro to not display My Dashboard upon login, choose Manage and then My Dashboard from the main menu.

      2. The
      My Dashboard screen appears. Select Tasks from the Dashboard Explorer.

      3. The Task screen is displayed on the right side of the screen. You are able to view your tasks by date ranges. If you choose to enter a date range in the From fields, you will need to select the Go button to return the desired information.

      4. If you wish to include dismissed tasks, select the Include Dismissed Tasks checkbox.

      NOTE: Any tasks dismissed prior to DonorPro 5.2 will not appear in DonorPro.

      5. To add a task, select the Add Task button. A Task window will appear. Enter a description of the task, due date and set the appropriate reminder.

      6. If you choose to Save this task in Outlook, a task will be set in the task area of your Outlook account. If you choose to Email this task to a specified recipient, enter an email address. The task will be emailed to the addressee once you select OK.

      7. Select OK.

      8. To edit a task you must first open the desired task. You may either double-click the task or highlight the task and then select the Edit Task button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you have opened the task you may edit it as necessary.

      9.  To delete a task, highlight the desired task to be deleted. Select the Delete Task button.

      The image below shows an Overdue task (in red), a task due today (in yellow) and an upcoming task which is linked to a Cultivation Process (notice the Link column).

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