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    Contacts DP

    In This Article:

      The Contacts section of My Dashboard offers multiple ways of identifying contacts so you can use this

      screen without any setup.

      1. To access My Dashboard, and you have configured DonorPro to not display My Dashboard upon login, choose Manage and then My Dashboard from the main menu.

      2. The My Dashboard screen appears. Select Contacts from the Dashboard Explorer.

      3. At the top of the Contacts screen you will see the Contact Filter section. You can use any

        combination of these filters to display a list of contacts.

      4. The filters include the following:

      • Relations: Anyone who has a relationship link to the current user, My Contacts (your contacts) or Another’s Contacts (by using the search field, you can choose to view the contacts of another person) if that radio button is chosen. This applies to all checkboxes, DonorPro will either return “My” values or “Other’s” values
      • Active Cultivations: Anyone who is in a Cultivation phase where the current user is one of the Responsible Constituents, with a start date and end date surrounding today's date, and that has not been marked "Complete".
      • Recent Interactions: Constituent records that were added or modified in the specified time by this user, Notes authored or updated, Patient Services records engagements added or updated, service log appointments for this user and any constituents who have made donations, which the user has entered within the selected timeframe, will appear in the Contact Panel of the Contacts Node.
      • Groups: Anyone who is in that group, regardless of who added them to the system or modified them.
      • Another's Contacts: Does the same logic as above, but using the specified constituent instead of the currently logged in user.
      NOTE: DonorPro will "remember" every setting that you make in the Contact Filter panel, and auto-select those same values the next time you open this screen. The only exception is Another's Contacts. Each time you open this screen, My Contacts will be selected by default, even if when you closed the Dashboard last time, you had selected Another's Contacts.
      5.  After changing any Contact Filter, you must select the Refresh button to refresh the contact list.
      6. When you select an item in the Contact panel, the panel directly below the Contact panel will show the Contact details. If the constituent has a photo, it will display, otherwise, a generic silhouette will display. The hyperlink opens that constituent record. Below the hyperlink are the reasons this contact is showing up in the list.
      In the image below, Becca Aaymes had a Relation, Cultivation item or Touch (Interaction) that met the filter criteria.
      7. Likewise, as you select an item in the Contact panel, if that contact has any relations, they will show in the Links panel to the right. In this case, Becca Aaymes is linked to four people, with Dr. Alex Anthony being highlighted.
      8. As you select items in the Links list, the Link Details panel populates with the information. In the image above, Dr. Alex Anthony’s contact information is displayed. The name hyperlink opens that contact's record, and the label below the hyperlink shows the Relationship that this contact has with the main Contact, in this case Alex is Becca’s brother. If that relation has a photo, it will display here. When selected, the email hyperlink will automatically open the email window so that you can quickly send an email to this person.
      9. The bottom left panel displays contact information for the Contact highlighted above. As with the Link Details, the Contact Details show the relation (or reason) why this contact was included in the filter process.
      In the image above, Becca Aaymes is a Relation, Cultivation and Touch to the logged in user. Select her name hyperlink to access her constituent record or her email hyperlink.
      NOTE: If you select the email hyperlink, the DonorPro Email popup window will appear with To address pre-filled.
      10. To the right of the Contact’s information is a panel with Add Task and View Contacts buttons. The Add Task button adds a task reminding you that something needs to be done with this contact.
      In the example above, the user needs to call Becca to confirm lunch. This will set a task for which you will later be reminded and will include a hyperlink to the appropriate record. When the reminder pops up, the Link column on the far right will display the constituent’s name. You can select Dismiss and Link or Snooze and Link and go directly to the constituent’s record. Or, from the main Tasks panel, you can select the Link in the far right column and go directly to the record.

      11. The View Contacts button brings up this same Contact’s panel in a popup window, but it shows the contacts for this person, instead of for the logged in person. This lets you “drill down” into the contacts "pyramid" as far as you want, e.g., you can continue selecting View Contacts on each popup window. Note that the title of the popup includes who the contacts are for. Below, they are the Contacts for Aaymes, Ms. Becca.

      If you select View Contacts from this popup and select Add Task, the Responsible person for the task will be the person on the popup. In the image above, the Task of calling Peter about the meeting is Becca Aaymes’ task.

      NOTE: You can use the Contact Filter on the Contacts window which is open, applying these filters will not affect the filters you have selected on the main My Dashboard window. Filters are independent to the window you are currently viewing.

      12. The last section of the Contacts panel is the Current Cultivation Phases. This section, to the right of the Contact information, displays any phases where the selected constituent has Constituent Phase records with a start and end date surrounding today’s date OR any Constituent Phase record that does not have the Completed checkbox selected (regardless of the start and end date). If the process is marked Completed, the text “Complete” will display.

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