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    Microsoft Outlook/Email Integration

    In This Article:

      A Contacts button at the bottom of the main constituent screen allows you to export from DonorPro the constituent’s information you are currently viewing to your email software, and import the Outlook contact’s information you are viewing directly from Outlook.

      TowerCare recognizes that while many DonorPro customers use Microsoft Outlook, a growing number of customers use other products, including web browser-based email and Macintosh Mail. Where practical, equivalent support is provided for Outlook and non-Outlook email and calendaring programs.

      The two figures below show the options presented when you select the Contacts button. Note: Your DonorPro User ID must have Constituent Import/Export Contacts permission to unlock the Contacts button. Please contact your DonorPro administrator should you require help. As a security note, it is a good idea to revoke this permission from anyone who is leaving your organization to prevent them from exporting constituent information to an external email account.

      The Send to Outlook Contacts option will immediately create a new Outlook contact with the information from the current constituent’s record.


      The Send to Non-Outlook Contacts option will send contact information as an email attachment in the industry-standard “vcard” format to the specified email address. You may then open this attachment and save it to your contacts file. DonorPro will “remember” whatever email address is entered, with the assumption that you typically will be sending contact information to the same email address.

      In addition to the standard DonorPro constituent contact information, DonorPro exports custom fields that you have defined if those custom fields have a label that contains Web, URL, Email or E-mail. It also exports all non-blank custom fields defined with the type of Hyperlink. For example, if you have defined a Work Email custom field either on the main constituent screen or My DonorPro screen that email will be sent as a secondary email address. If you have defined a Web Site Hyperlink custom field, the contents of that field will be sent as a web site hyperlink to your Email software.

      The Import from Outlooks Contacts feature is available only for Outlook, as there is currently no industry- standard way to query your non-Outlook email box for contact information.


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