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    General Notes Node

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      The Constituent Notes node of the Constituent Explorer is an excellent place to store general notes regarding Constituent visits, phone calls, etc. that do not pertain to a specific donation. (Notes regarding donations can be added in General Donation History or in the Donation itself).
      1. Open the desired constituent record.                                  

      2. On the left panel of your screen, under the Constituent Explorer, select Notes. The Notes panel is displayed.

      3. To add notes, select the Add Note button.

      4. Select the drop down arrow in the Purpose box and choose the appropriate purpose for the Note. (The Purpose box is configurable under the Manage > Configuration > Notes node.)

      5. You may select the day and time stamp for the note. Additionally, when the window opens to add a note the time automatically starts. You may stop the timer by selecting the Stop Timer button and restart with the Start Timer button. This is useful when you are calling a donor/constituent to track your time.

      6. Type your Note. Constituent Notes can be up to 16,000 characters.

      7. Press Save.

      8. To edit or delete an existing Note, select the desired Note and then choose the Edit Note or Delete Note button at the bottom of the screen.
        NOTE: Emails sent through DonorPro will be saved to the Notes Node of the constituent’s file.

      TIP: You are able to sort Notes tables. Select the Column heading by which you would like to sort. By selecting the Column Header once, the table will change sorting order.

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