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    Configuring DonorPro for Credit Card Payment Processing DP

    In This Article:

      TowerCare Technologies has joined forces with X-Web to provide seamless credit card authorization for
      donations. Using your current web access, DonorPro sends the request to X-Web and within seconds your
      credit card transaction is completed and the authorization number is recorded in DonorPro for future reference. In order to implement Credit Card Authorization a few simple modifications to your DonorPro
      configuration are required.

      The donation web page accepts a credit card number as a payment type. Prior to downloading the donation
      data in DonorPro, X-Web has processed the credit card for you; you will only need to process the donations in DonorPro so that they will be counted in all of your reports, queries, etc.

      NOTE: You will need a Live X-Web ID, Live Authorization Key and Live Terminal ID from X-Web in order to set up credit card configuration in DonorPro. For more information on setting up an account with X-Web please contact our Help Desk at 866-935-8281. Once you have established an account with X-Web you are ready to modify the General Configuration.

      TIP: If you DO NOT process credit cards through DonorPro (X-Web), but do store credit card information in your database, you will want to select the Process Credit Cards manually option. This option allows you to record the last four digits of a credit card number, expiration date, card type and authorization number on the donation screen. Please refer to the Entering a Payment Type of Credit Card section for more information on entering credit card information.

      Once you have established an account with X-Web, you are ready to modify the General Configuration. To configure credit card processing, select Manage, Configuration and then the Credit Card tab at the top of the General Configuration screen.

      The X-Web installation team will give you the information with which you will populate the fields on this

      If you are a customer with X-Web, you can test your connection by using the Test this Connection buttons. Use the Use Default buttons to fill in your blank Test fields.

      NOTE: If you are a customer of X-Web, select the Use Live Configuration option. If, at any point, you need to test your configuration, you will need to access this screen and select the Use Test Configuration option.

      Once you have set up your account with X-Web, configured your web donation page and Credit Card configuration, you are now ready to accept and process web donations!

      For more information on processing web donations, please refer to the Processing Credit Cards through DonorPro section of this manual.


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