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    Creating a Photo ID

    In This Article:

      Creating Photo Identification badges with DonorPro is both quick and easy. Photo ID badges can be used for Employee and Volunteer identification or for special events. This can also be done through the Photo Node in the Constituent Explorer window.

      NOTE: Photo ID's are not currently saved in DonorPro.

      1. From the main menu choose Tools and then Photo ID.

      2. The Photo ID screen opens. Choose the Photo button to browse to the location on your hard drive where the desired photo is saved.

      3. Select the Logo button. Browse to the location on your hard drive where the desired logo is saved.

      4. Choose the Size button.

      5.  Enter the measurements for the ID in the Width and Height text boxes and then select OK.

      6.  In the Line fields enter the desired text. The text will appear in the preview pane on the right side of the screen as you type.

      7. Select the Font Palate button at the end of the Line text box and choose the font Type, Size, Style, and color, and then select OK.

      8. Line 4 is prefilled with the constituent number. You can edit and delete the number as necessary. Select the Bar Code button to view how the number would appear as a bar code.

      9. Enter the Back Text in the Word Processing area of the Photo ID screen. Use the Formatting Toolbar as you would in the Word Processor.

      10. In the Layout section, in the lower portion of the screen, click and drag the slide bars to change the proportions of the Photo, Logo, and Text.

      11. Choose the desired Orientation option.

      12. Select the Back option to preview the back of the ID. Select the Print button to print the ID. 

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