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    Modifying Constituent Dropdown Fields DP

    In This Article:

      All items are modified in the same manner. Follow the steps below to add an item to a list.

      1. Close any open Constituent windows.

      2. From the main menu select Manage and then Configuration.    

          3. The Configuration window will be displayed. Select Constituent from the Configuration Explorer panel. By default, the Main tab is open.

       4. Select the options you wish to modify by selecting either Add, Edit, or Delete. In order to edit or delete an item, that item must be highlighted. You can highlight the item by selecting it with your mouse.

      5. Continue modifying items until you are satisfied with your changes. Your modifications are automatically saved to the database and will be applied to all existing constituents and available to new constituents.

      1. Note: If you select the Edit button, the Edit constituent title pop-up appears. This contains a “Delta” button, it appears as a triangle in a small box on the right of the pop-up. Selecting this button will allow you to see details about this information, such as the User Name of the person who added or last edited the information, when it was originally stored and when it was last updated.


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