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    Custom Fields and My DonorPro Configuration DP

    In This Article:

      In DonorPro you have the ability to add custom fields. A Custom Field is a customer defined field, with customer defined values. Custom Fields can be added on both the Constituents or Donations screens, or you can customize an entire Constituent screen called My DonorPro.

      1. From the main menu select Manage and then Configuration

      2. The Configuration window will be displayed. Select Custom Fields from the Configuration Explorer.

      3. On the top of the screen, three tabs will be displayed, Constituent, Donations, or My DonorPro. Select the tab for which you would like to add custom fields.

      4. Select the Add button on the bottom right of the screen.

      5. Specify whether the custom field should display on “Individual” screens, “Organization” screens or both.

      6. Type the Label text for the Custom Field. This is the name that will appear on screen for all users, so make it descriptive enough that they will understand the data that they should enter. Press the Tab key.

      7. Select the Type of Custom Field you wish to add. Your choices and a brief description of each are listed below.

      Text  Any free form text, limited to 50 characters. Any positive or negative number, including zero.

      Number Any positive or negative number, including zero.

      Currency Any positive or negative decimal number, allowing up to two characters beyond the decimal.

      Date Any valid Month, Day, Year entered either in a MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY Format.

      Checkbox This is a standard Checkbox with a check being Yes or True.

      Choice Allows you to define your own pick list. Each item has a maximum of 15 characters, with an unlimited number of items available.

      Hyperlink Allows addition of a hyperlink.

      8. Identify if this information is Optional, by selecting the Optional checkbox.

      9. Type the Max Length of the field for Text Fields.

      10. The Apply Default only to New Records option indicates to DonorPro, when adding a new constituent or donation record, this default will apply only to new records. CRITICAL TO NOTE: If you set a default value on a custom field and do not have the Apply Default only to New Records checkbox selected, and this custom field is blank on any constituent records, the default value you enter will automatically populate all of these blank custom fields.

      11. Type the Default selection which should be the option that your users will be selecting most often. If you have selected hyperlink click on the small “chain link” button. A pop-up window appears allowing you to enter the hyperlink text.

      12. If Choice was the type selected, select the Add button, enter the desired choice, and then select OK. Repeat this step until all of the choices have been added.

      NOTE: The default item must also be added to the list as a choice.

      13. Press Save. Your Custom Fields have been saved to the database and will now appear on the appropriate screen. You may also change the field order by selecting the Change Field Order button. When selected, a pop-up window displays. Highlight the desired field, and use the arrow buttons on the right of the screen to move that field up or down. Note: The Change Field Order button becomes available only when two or more custom fields have been defined.

      NOTE: The maximum number of custom fields for the main constituent screen is seven. This total is shared between Individual and Organization records. For example, you can have four custom fields on Individual records and three on Organization records or five custom fields on Organization records and two on Individual records, etc. The maximum number of custom fields for the donation screen is six. The maximum number of custom fields for My DonorPro is twenty.




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