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    Constituent Merge Utility

    In This Article:

      The Constituent Merge Utility allows you to merge multiple instances of the same constituent into one record. This may be necessary if a duplicate record had been created for a constituent. DonorPro allows users to run the Constituent Merge Utility to quickly and easily combine the multiple records into one.

      1. From the main menu, select Tools and then Constituent Merge Utility.

      2. Choose the fields that you feel would constitute a duplicate record by selecting the checkbox next to the appropriate field names. For example if the record contained the same last name, first name, address, and phone number, that would most likely be the same person and those records could be combined into one record.

      Note: The dropdown field located next to the Last or Org Name checkbox, allows you to filter results based on the first letter of the last name.

      3. Select the Run Query button. The duplicate records are returned.

      4. Select a record to merge and then select the Edit Selected Candidates button.

      5. Choose either the Merge Left to Right or the Merge Right to Left button depending on whether you want to move the record on the left into the record on the right or vice versa.

      6. The Select Information to be Moved dialog box opens. Choose the fields that you wish to move over by selecting the appropriate checkboxes and then choosing OK.

      NOTE: If both records contain email addresses, be certain not to select Email from the Select
      Information to be Moved
      box. To retain both email addresses, your DonorPro Customer Care
      Team recommends copying one email address to the Notes Node of the constituent’s record that you are keeping and then merging the records.

      Choosing to merge Email addresses will cause any pre-existing email addresses to be overwritten. If the record you are merging into contains an email address and the record you are merging from does not, the blank email address will overwrite the existing email address.

      7. The Select Information report opens listing how many records from each field were merged. Choose OK.

      NOTE: The Constituent Title field does not merge. You will need to enter the title manually.

      8. If it is appropriate, now that data has been moved to another record for that constituent, the duplicate record can and should be deleted. In the lower section of the screen, click and drag the scroll bar down in the constituent record that can now be deleted.

      9. Choose the Delete button.

      10. Choose the OK button to confirm the delete.

      11. Repeat steps 4-10 for each record you wish to merge.

      NOTE: If you have the Volunteer/Human Resources module you will need to note when merging constituent records that the General tab on the Employee and Volunteer nodes will overwrite any pre-existing information in the record being merged into.

      DonorPro User, My DonorPro and Patient Services information will be retained in the original record only. Be sure to transfer information manually prior to deleting the old record. Patient Services information will merge into another record if the one being merged into does not contain any existing Patient Services information.

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