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    Adding a Gift in Kind Donation to Inventory

    In This Article:

      If the donation that you received was made with a gift in kind, follow the steps below.

      1. Select the payment of Gift in Kind, and press Tab.                                                                                    

      2. In the Description of the gift in kind text box, enter a description of the gift, and press Tab to continue filling out the rest of the donation form.

      1. Once you have selected the Save button, and if you have purchased the Inventory Module, you can add this item to inventory. Select the Add to Inventory button to add the Gift in Kind item onto inventory.  

      2. Select the Add to Inventory button and select the category in which this item should be listed.

      3. The Add Incentives Inventory Stock screen opens.                                                                     

      4. Enter the appropriate information and then choose the Save button.

      5. This donation will appear on the constituent’s donation page. The stock tab for that donation will be populated with the information as well. To View details for the item, select the stock tab, highlight the item and select the View details button.

      6. The View Incentives Inventory Stock window appears. This contains details on the item itself, the supplier, who it was assigned to, etc.

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