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    Entering a Matching Gift on a Previously Received Donation

    In This Article:

      Once the matching gift of a previous donation is received, you will want to return to the donation record of the gift that is being matched to create the matching donation payment.

      1. In keeping with our previous example, you will want to open Linda Mercury’s donation of $200 that was entered on 9/10/08. Search for Linda’s record and open her donation record by selecting Donations node under the Constituent Explorer panel of her record. A list of Linda’s donations will be displayed.

        Notice in the example below that Linda’s $200 gift to be matched appears in italics on her donation screen. This makes it easy to distinguish which gift(s) are to be matched.                 

      2. Double click on the italicized donation to open the donation record.

      3. Select the Matching button, located in the bottom left corner of the donation record, by clicking it one time. From here you will be able to remove or change the matching constituent or you can select details to view the details of the match. Select Details and the corresponding name. For this example the corresponding name is Star Enterprises.                                                                                    

      4. The Matching Donations window appears. Select the Create Matching Donation button, the New Donation window appears.                                                                                                      

      5. You will notice that the Donor name has been populated with the matching company’s name, Star Enterprises.

        The Soft Credit Donor’s name has been populated with the original donor’s name, Linda Mercury. (A Soft Credit is entered when a donation is received because of another constituent such as a matching donation. When the matching donation is received you want to give a soft credit to the original donor.)

        The Donation Amount field has been automatically populated with the donation amount.

        The same fund, campaign and appeal applied to the original gift record are populated on the matching gift donation record.                                                                                                               Notice at the bottom of the donation screen, it now states that this gift is a Matching Payment for Donation 2561. Donation 2561 was the Donation ID number of Linda Mercury’s original gift.          

      1. You will need to enter a batch number, payment type and received date (or adjust received date as necessary) as usual.

      2. Select Save. Close the donation screen and you are returned to the original donation screen. For this example you are returned to Linda’s record.                                                                                  

      3. To check that the matching gift now reflects as paid, select the Matching button on this screen. You will notice that the Status (bottom right hand corner) has automatically defaulted to Paid.

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