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    Search for an Existing Donation

    In This Article:

      Searching for an existing donation is simple. If you need to search quickly for a specific donation and know only the amount, list as name, type or donation id you can find what you are looking for without having to view multiple constituent records.

      1. Select the Search Donation button.                                                                                      

      2. Enter the appropriate search parameters, such as List As Name. If the parameters such as List As Name are not known, you may use the * as a wildcard.

      3. By selecting the Embed button, the search screen will remain open allowing you to switch between the search screen and open records without having to perform a new search.

      4. Double click on the desired donation.

      NOTE: Donations in italicized print have multiple donors or funds associated with them.
           5. Follow the same steps to delete a donation. Select the
      Delete button located on the donation record.

      NOTE: Deleting a donation cannot be undone. ASP Customers should contact the DonorPro Customer Care Team to request restoration services. There is a fee for this service. Note that depending on the time lapse between the deletion and request for restoration, retrieval may not be possible.

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