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    Deleting a Batch

    In This Article:

      1. From the main menu select Manage.

      2. Highlight Batches.

      3. The Batch Search screen will be displayed. Type the desired Batch Name.                     

      4. Select the Search button. A list of possible matches will be returned. Double click the Batch you wish to delete; the Batch will open.

      5. Select the Delete button in the lower left corner. A warning box will appear; if you do wish to delete this Batch, select OK.

        WARNING: Deleting a Batch will delete ALL DONATIONS associated with this batch.

      NOTE: Deleting a Batch cannot be undone. ASP Customers should contact the DonorPro Customer Care Team to request restoration services. There is a fee for this service. Note that depending on the time lapse between the deletion and request for restoration, retrieval may not be possible.

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