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    Credit Card Configuration (B)

    In This Article:

      DonorPro has partnered with payment company, CardConnect, which serves as the gateway for all transactions through DonorPro Merchant Services (DPMS). CardConnect processes billions of dollars each year for more than 45,000 clients. Both DonorPro and CardConnect have ensured that the highest level of security is in place. Using your current web access, DonorPro sends the request to CardConnect and within seconds your credit card transaction is completed and the authorization number is recorded in DonorPro for future reference. In order to implement Credit Card Authorization a few simple modifications to your DonorPro configuration are required.

      NOTE: Upon account activation, our Customer Care Team will reach out to you to help configure DonorPro and to walk you through merchant center. You will need your Live Merchant ID in order to configure DonorPro; our Customer Care Team will provide the necessary information for the other fields. For more information on setting up a DPMS account, please contact our Customer Care Team. Once you have established a DPMS account you are ready to modify the General Configuration.

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