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    Entering a Credit Card Donation

    In This Article:

      1. To enter a donation, select the Add Donation button from the toolbar. The New Donation screen opens. 

      2. Start entering the donation as you would any other donation. Enter a Batch, Donor, Co-Donor (if needed), the Amount and Received Date of the donation and select the Fund. 

      For more information on the basics of entering a donation, please refer to the Donations section of this manual.

      3. Select the drop down arrow in the Payment drop down box and select Credit Card. The Process button will appear. If this is the first time the donor is using a credit card, you will see the Use/Swipe new card/ECheck in the dropdown.

      If the donor has donated using a credit card or E-Check previously while DonorPro was configured with DonorPro Merchant Services, you will see a list of previously used credit card and E-Check options from which you can select or you can choose to add a new card or E-Check.

      4. Make your selection and choose the Charge button.

      TIP: Donors need to have a valid address on their record in order for you to be able to process their credit card donations. If a constituent does not have an address entered on their record, you will be prompted for a valid address.

      5. The Address and Postal Code are populated for you based on the donor’s record in DonorPro. NOTE: There is no amount field on this page as the card is being charged according to the donation amount entered in DonorPro.

      6. The DPMS secure web page will open.

      7. Select the Type of transaction (Credit Card or E-Check).

      8. Enter the Account Number, Expiration Date and Card Security Code (if necessary).

      9. You can also choose to store the card information on the constituent’s record. An alias will be recorded; the card number will not be stored in DonorPro.

      10. Once you have entered all of the necessary information, select the Submit button. You will see that instead of the full credit card number, the last four digits of the card number appear along with the credit card type and Authorization code.

      11. If the credit card is declined, you will see a pop-up “Processing Error” window.

      12. Finish entering the donation as you typically would with any other Payment type.

      For more information on entering donations, please see the Donations section of this manual



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