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    Linking to Your Donation Web Page

    In This Article:

      Your Donation Web Page is live when you begin using DonorPro. In order to use your DonorPro Web Donation page, you must have a DonorPro Merchant Services account and it must be configured in DonorPro.

      Your webmaster will need to add a link from your web site to the Donations Web Page. The web address of your Donation Web Page can be found by accessing the main menu in DonorPro and selecting Manage > Configuration > Credit Card tab.

      When you select the Preview Look and Feel button, you will be directed to the standard web donation page. The URL which appears in your browser is the URL you will want to use on your website.

      Note: The web donation page will only be active once DonorPro has been configured with your DonorPro Merchant Services account information.

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