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    Dashboard Feature

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      NOTE: If you are a new client or are logging into DonorPro for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to display the Dashboard feature each time you login to DonorPro. Please note that this setting is specific to your login ID. If you would like the Dashboard to appear each time you login, select the Display Dashboard upon login checkbox and then the OK button.

      If you choose not to have the Dashboard appear each time you login, you may also access it by selecting Manage, and then My Dashboard from the main menu.

      NOTE: Please note that you cannot log in with the Admin ID for the Dashboard feature. If you do log in with Admin ID, a popup window will direct you to log in with a Non-Admin ID.

      The Dashboard feature consolidates your daily activities and contacts into one, easy-to-use screen. The Dashboard includes Tasks, Contacts, Cultivation information, and Notes that are specific to the current logged-in user. NOTE: Each user has their own Dashboard.


      The My Dashboard screen is separated into two panels. The left side of the screen shows the Dashboard Explorer. The Dashboard Explorer offers four options: Tasks, Contacts, Cultivation and Notes. The right side displays information according to which node you have selected from the Dashboard Explorer.

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