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      The Documents node allows you to quickly review all documents associated with the selected constituent. Whether you have sent the constituent information on an upcoming event, a Board Member budgets to review, a prospect your annual report or even a birthday card to a child, managing these documents is simple. You can link documents such as text, word processing, spreadsheet, html, PDF, etc. files with a constituent’s record through the Documents node. No more searching through your electronic files or folders on your desk, everything you need to see for this constituent is all in one place.

      The Document node is where mail merge documents (merged letters and emails) are stored. When you are using DonorPro’s word processor, you have the option to save the document to the constituent’s record. Selecting that option will allow you to save the document directly to the individual’s record.

      1. Open the desired constituent’s record.

      2. On the left panel of your screen, under the Constituent Explorer, select Documents.

      3. The right side of the screen now displays a list of any documents already associated with the constituent. To add a document, choose the Add button.
      4. Select the desired source, select OK.
      5. Choose the Image Scanning option only if the file has not yet been scanned and saved.
      6.  If selecting an existing document option is chosen, the Open dialog box appears.
        NOTE: The Open box appears with the file type defaulted to JPG files. Be sure to select the file type desired.
      7.  Browse to the location on your computer or network where the desired document is saved, select it, and then choose the Open button.
      8. The document is added to the constituent’s record.

        9. To view a document, select it from the list of documents and choose the View button. To delete a document from a constituent’s record, select it from the list of documents and choose the Delete button. NOTE: This will only remove the link to that document from the constituent’s record. It will not delete it from your computer or network.

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