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    Moving Constituents through DonorPro Cultivation

    In This Article:

      1. To start the Cultivation Process, access Cultivation information one of four ways:

      1. a)  Through My Dashboard: Select the Cultivation button on the Dashboard Explorer.

      2. b)  SelectManage>Cultivation>Cultivatefromthemainmenu.

      3. c)  Open a specific constituent’s record and select the Cultivation button, located in the bottom

        left corner, on the main page of the constituent’s record.

      4. d)  Open a specific constituent’s record and select the Cultivation node from the Constituent Explorer on their record.

      2. To “move” someone through the Process, simply double-click on their Constituent Phase. 

      3. The Edit Constituent Phases window appears. Edit the Constituent Phase information as necessary, to move the constituent to the next phase select the Phase dropdown box and select the next Phase and adjust the Start Date. 

      4. The Edit Constituent Phases window has several tabs including Touches, Documents and Phase History. 

      5. The Touches tab allows you to add information regarding any contact that has been made with the constituent. To add a “touch” select the Add button, the Add Touches window appears.

      6. Select the Touch Type made, enter the Touch Time and edit the Touched By field as necessary. This field is automatically populated with the Responsible Person’s name, to change the name simply select the Touched By button and select Remove Link or Change Link, then search for the person who made the “touch”.

      7. The Documents tab allows you to add documents to this Constituent Phase making it easy to track what information has already been sent to this constituent. Whether it is a thank you letter or a grant proposal, it is easily tracked in this tab. Select Add and the Add Cultivation Documents window appears. Use the Select File button to choose the document you wish to attach to this constituent’s Phase. 

      8. The Phase History tab stores all of the phases this constituent has already moved through in this process. Once you change the Phase on the Main tab, the previous Phase is stored here creating one convenient location to track all this particular constituent’s moves.

      9. Once someone has been “moved” through all Process, you will need to “complete” the Process within
      DonorPro. To “complete” a Process, double-click on the appropriate Constituent Phase listing and select the
      Process Completed checkbox.


      10. The Actual End Date will populate with today’s date. Select the Save button.

      11. Now when you view the Constituent Phase listings you will see the Completed column shows a check next to the completed Process as in the last line of the image below.

      For information on running the Cultivation Report please see the Reports section of this manual.

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