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    Cultivation Report

    In This Article:

      The Cultivation Report shows you everything about each Constituent Phase you have set up in the DonorPro Cultivation module. For more information on DonorPro Cultivation please refer to the DonorPro Cultivation section of this manual.

      1. To access the Cultivation Report, from the main menu select Reports and then Cultivation Report.

      2. The Cultivation Report shows you everything about each Constituent Phase, and groups and totals by the Categorize By category, Process/Phase or Responsible you choose in the lower left corner of the screen.

      3. The Process, Phase and Status filters at the top work exactly like they do on the other Constituent Phase screens.

      4. The name hyperlinks in the report will take you directly to the Constituent record, or in the Status column, to the Constituent Phase record referenced by that line. This way you may update the Constituent Phase then Refresh to see your changes reflected.

      NOTE: In the Responsible column, only the first Responsible constituent that was entered is displayed. 

      1. Once you have selected your filters and made the choice on what to Categorize By, select the Refresh button. In the example on the previous page, you see the results have been filtered on the Process filter of Major Gift, Phase Filter of Make Initial Contact and then categorized by Process/Phase.

      2. Each section is totaled with the total number of records in the Process/Phase, Target Amounts and Actual Amounts. The Target Amount X Probability = line returns information based on the probability you entered into the Phase when configuring the Process. In the example above, a probability of 70% was entered, so based on the Target Amount DonorPro determines you are likely to receive $10,500 of the original $15,000 requested in this Process.

      3. Using the icons in the lower left corner, you may view this report in your browser, copy to the clipboard, save or print this report.

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