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    Merging Constituents from the Main Constituent Page

    In This Article:

      If you have multiple records for the same constituent, they are entered slightly differently and they aren’t showing in the Constituent Merge Utility you may merge them through the constituent’s main page.

      1. Search for the constituent you wish to merge with other records.

      2. At the bottom left of the page is a Merge button. Select this button and a Constituent Merge Wizard window is displayed.

      3. Choose the Select button to choose the constituent you wish to merge with. Then select the Next button.

      4. A new window is displayed asking you to confirm the constituents to be merged.

      5. Select the information to be merged.

      6. Review the items which were merged then select the Finish button.

      7. Be certain to search for the constituent you merged. Both records will still exist. Select the one you wish to delete, open the record and select the Delete button on the constituent main page.

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